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New Publication


'La contractualisation en droit public
Pratique du droit administratif'




by Véronique Boillet, Anne-Christine Favre, Thierry Largey, Vincent Martenet





New Publication


'Public Private Partnership Contracts: The Middle Eadt and North Africa'




by Mohamed AM Ismail





New Publication


Contrôles et contentieux des contrats publics –
Oversight and Challenges of public contracts



1re édition 2018
Laurence Folliot Lalliot, Simone Torricelli


Book Presentation and Discussion

15 December 2017


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This eBook analyses public procurement opportunities, rules and procedures in Serbia, with particular reference to the new legislative framework. It highlights public procurement policy, including choice of participants and award of contracts, as well as information about bidding process and Public Procurement Development Strategy. Furthermore, the book gives a review of some key explanations that bidders should also keep in mind,  in order to win public contracts. It finally notes that success in winning public procurement contracts depends on critical information and knowledge of the bidding process.




Globalization and New International Public Works Agreements in Developing Countries


Mohamed A.M. Ismail


Routledge, Abingdon Oxford 2016




Transnational Law of Public Contracts

Mathias Audit / Stephan Schill (eds.)


Bruylant, Brussels 2016



Jurisprudence on public contracts by the US Supreme Court. See here.


Publication on
Cooperative agreements between public authorities
by Kris Wauters

Publication on
Alternative Dispute Resolution in European Administrative Law
by Dragos, Dacian C., Neamtu, Bogdana (Eds.)

Publication on

Modernising Public Procurement: The New Directive

by Francois Lichére, Roberto Caranta & Steen Treumer (eds.)

Publication on

Public Private Partnership and the Law

by Yseult Marique

Publication on

Droit des marchés publics

by Etienne Poltier

EU Public Contract Law
Public Procurement and Beyond

Martin Trybus / Roberto Caranta / Gunilla Edelstam (eds.)

Bruylant, Brussels 2013

The PCLG-Network mentioned in a leading comparative law publication

Le réseau CPGJ mentionné dans une publication éminente de droit comparé


Janina Boughey, "Administrative Law: the Next Frontier for Comparative Law", in International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol. 62, January 2013, p. 55, spec. p. 79:

"[...] [P]ublic contracting [...] is probably the most compared topic in administrative law. Indeed there exists a major international comparative research group dedicated solely to this issue ('Public Contracts in Legal Globalization', <www.public-contracts.net>), and it was recently the topic of a significant treatise comparing the law of 28 countries (R Noguellou and U Stelkens [eds], Droit comparé des Contrats Publics [Bruylant 2010])."


Turin School of Development

Master en Gouvernance et management des marchés publics en appui au développement durable