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Contrôles et contentieux des contrats publics –
Oversight and Challenges of public contracts


Laurence Folliot Lalliot, Simone Torricelli (eds.)


1re édition 2018, Brussels





Transnational Law of Public Contracts

Mathias Audit / Stephan Schill (eds.)

Bruylant, Brussels 2016

Integrity and Efficiency in Sustainable Public Contracts

Gabriella Margherita Racca / Christopher Yukins (eds.)

Bruylant, Brussels 2014

EU Public Contract Law
Public Procurement and Beyond

Martin Trybus / Roberto Caranta / Gunilla Edelstam (eds.)

Bruylant, Brussels 2013

Contrats publics et arbitrage international

 Mathias Audit (ed.)

 Bruylant, Brussels 2011


Droit comparé des Contrats Publics
Comparative Law on Public Contracts

Rozen Noguellou / Ulrich Stelkens (eds.)

Bruylant, Brussels 2010

Book-Review (in German)
in: Die Verwaltung 2012, Vol. 45, No. 4, 612-614